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The Basics

These links are more basic in theory, for the new photographer, or for a refresher for a seasoned one.

Rough Guide to Image Resolution []
Beyond Snapshots - Taking your Fancy DSLR Off Auto and Photograph like a Pro []
Photography 101 - Using Available Light []
96 Tips that Photographers Wish They Would Have Learned Sooner []
How to Photograph Fireworks []
How to Photograph Fireworks []
Tutorials on White Balance []
Rules of Composition []
Photographing your Own Children []
Understanding your camera []
The Exposure Triangle Explained in Plain English []
7 Tips for Shooting Great Digital Photos []
5 Killer Ways to Shoot Into the Sun and Get Beautiful Flare []
Create Your Own Bokeh []
Focusing Quick Tip: Single Point AF Methods []
10 Tips for Setting up your home studio []
13 Tips for Better pictures of babies, toddlers, and teenagers []
44 Essential Digital Camera Tips and Tricks []
53 Essential Photo Ideas for Winter []
Night Photography Tips: 9 essential steps for beginners []
Digital Camera Effects from A-Z []
21 Street Photography Tips from the Professionals []
Overview of Exposure Compensation []
Mark Wallace - Understanding Watt Seconds []
Cambridge in Colour Tutorials []
Depth of Field Calculator []
How to Photograph International Space Station Flyovers []
13 Things Your Camera Wish You Knew []
Sunset: 30 Day Photography Challenge Tips []
8 Things You Didn't Know Your DSLR Could Do []
Back Button Focusing []
Autofocus Techniques (Pre-focus) []
Focus and Recompose, or Compose and Focus? []
5 Habits of Successful Photographers []
How to Shoot Panoramic Photographs []
Photographing a Solar Eclipse - Random Tips []
5 Tips for Controlling Natural Light []
Quick and Forgotten Tips for 50mm Lens Users []
Top 10 Reasons Why Photographers Miss Shots []
On Photowalking []
Quick Tips for Manually Focusing on a Photo Walk []
How to Photograph Stars []
An Infographic on Color Temperature []
The Phoblographer: How Many Shots do you Take? []
Useful Photography Tip #23: Quick Reminders for Better Eye Care []
Using Tape to Hang your Pictures Picture Perfect []
How to Solve 3 Common Beach Photography Problems []
Useful Photography Tip #22: Take a Moment to Think Things Through []
Useful Photography tip #20: Best Profiles For Color Grading Video []
Useful Photography Tip #17: Why Beginners Think About Flash All Wrong []
Useful Photography Tip #6: Making Your Subjects Look Better []
Photographing Smoke []
Long Exposure and Stroboscopic Flash Effect []
Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority: Exposure Lesson #1 []
Portfolio Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes []
Panning Photography Tips []
Useful Photography Tip #26: Quick Tips on Shooting an Event While Unprepared []
Posing Guide: 21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Groups of People []
Concert Photography: Choosing the Best Camera Settings []
Photoshop Tips for Great Tropical Photos []
ISO Sensitivity []
The Power of Shooting in RAW []
F-Stop Explained []
How to Calculate the F-stop of the Human Eye []
How to Make A Magazine Cover (example) - Photography, Photoshop, Design []
How to Recreate Depth of Field in 7 Steps (Post-Production) []
Architectural Photography: The Key Elements []
Quick Steps to Better Bokeh []
A Beginner's Guide to Colour Temperature []
Where Your Focus Goes, So Does Your Exposure []
Exposure | Understanding Exposure - ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed Explained []
How To Be A Conservation Photographer []
The Perfect Photographer Pack List For Your Next Vacation []
Using Photography to Make a Heartfelt Difference []
10 Photographic Assignments to Hone Your Skills []
Quick Tips for Studio/Location Headshot Photography []
Use Your Hand as a Makeshift Grey Card for Estimating Exposure []
10 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Remote Expedition []
How to Properly Hold a DSLR Camera []
9 Things Photographers Need to Know About Memory Cards []
Lens Diffraction and Photography - Part 1 []
Lens Diffraction and Photography - Part 2 []
Best Shutter Speeds for Every Situation []
How to Photograph Water []
Flash Photography Tips and Tricks with Dust []
Birthday Photography Tips []
My First Photo Shoot []
15 Photography Mistakes I Made All The Time As A Beginner []
5 Pieces of Equipment You Should Carry for any Photo Excursion []
Group Photo Ideas and Tips []
How to Print and Frame Panoramic Photos on a Budget []
Why your Kit Lens is Better than You Think []
A Quick Intro to How to Use a Light Meter []
Using Shallow Depths in Landscape Photography []
Long Exposure Photography Tips | Night Photography Tips []
Useful Photography Tip #39: Use Your Sunglasses As an Improvised ND/Polarizer-Filter []
Reader Question: How to buy an Off Camera Flash []
Lessons Learned From My Trip to Italy []
Travel Photography - Shooting the Venice Carnival []
First Wait, Then Shoot []
How to Photograph the Stars []
DSLR Camera Focusing Tips for Beginners []
Photography For Beginners – Using a Tripod []
Focusing Basics | Aperture and Depth of Field []
Photography Acronyms []
Useful Photography Tip #41: Keep Learning []
A Simple Exposure Guide – Aperture, Shutter Speed, & ISO []
Don't Give Up In The Middle Of The Day | Tips For Shooting In Mid-Day Sun []
The Guide to Telephoto Zoom Lenses for Non-Professionals []
When Should You Use Gels and Softbox Grids? []
The Beginner's Guide to Photojournalism []
Flash Photography Tips for Beginners []
Lens Filters | Camera Lens Filters Explained []
47 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners []
Three Tools for White Balance Correction []
Top 10 Tips to Get Started in Photography []
12 Tips to Maintain a Camera []
Understanding White Balance []
How ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture All Relate to One Another []
How a Rangefinder Camera Focuses []
How Does a Digital Camera Work? []
5 Tips on How to Hold Your Camera []
Top 10 Digital Photography Tips []
Metering Modes []
Ever Wonder What This Symbol on Your Camera Means? []
Camera Modes | Understanding DSLR Camera Shooting Modes []
Stunning Portraits: Manipulating White Balance []
Learning to See, Part V []
5 Easy Ways To Screw Up a Photo []
3 Ways to Get Better Control of Autofocus []
Checklist: How to Not Kill Yourself in a Photo Studio []
Understanding Colour on Your Digital Camera []
5 Tips for Getting Sharper Images []
Why Go Prime? The Benefits of a Fixed Focal Length []
Lens Diffraction and How It Affects Your Photos []
How to Avoid Blurry Photos []
Testing Lens Autofocus and Correcting with MFA []
Camera Modes: Setting Aperture and Shutter Speed []
Back Button Auto Focus Explained []
Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual Mode []
What Are "Stops" in Digital Camera Settings? []
What the Numbers on your Lens Mean []
5 Photos Every Photographer Must Know How To Create []
Photography Basics: Managing and Storing Digital Files Electronically []
A Printable Glossary of Tools and Terms for Photoshop []
From Film to Digital Photography: Terminology and Resources []





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