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Information about using natural light, reflectors, speedlights, studio strobes, and anything else that has to do with lighting your scene.

Review: Gary Fong Lightsphere []
Which Light Modifier Do I Choose? []
Making the most of Window Lighting []
How to make a Fluorescent Lighting Setup for less than $200 []
Photography 101 - Using Available Light []
96 Tips that Photographers Wish They Would Have Learned Sooner []
Lighting 101 []
The Party Bouncer is Back in Business (Card) []
Four Ways to Bounce a Flash []
Home Studio: Cheap Mounted Softbox []
Studio Lighting - Instant Lightsphere - The Emergency Diffuser []
Flash: The Art of Bounce []
Youtube Video: Single Light Source - Speedlight, shoot-through umbrella, and a reflector []
Mark Wallace - Understanding Watt Seconds []
How to turn sunlight into moonlight with Camera Trickery []
Homemade Lightbox for Product Photography []
Photographing a Solar Eclipse - Random Tips []
5 Tips for Controlling Natural Light []
How to Photograph Jewelry []
How to Photograph Stars []
Studio Lighting Essentials []
Flash, or Constant Light? []
DIY Backpack OctoDome for Lighting Solo Shoots []
After Dusk: What You Need to Know about Night Photography []
Useful Photography Tip #17: Why Beginners Think About Flash All Wrong []
Useful Photography Tip #6: Making Your Subjects Look Better []
Natural Light: Mastering a Photographer's Most Powerful Tool []
How to Create the Illusion of Fire with Light Painting []
6 Portrait Lighting Patterns Every Photographer Should Know []
What You Need to Know About UV Filter []
Useful Photography Tip #2: How to Save a Mixed Lighting Shot in Post-Production []
Long Exposure and Stroboscopic Flash Effect []
An Introduction to Photographing the Northern/Southern Lights []
A Quick Guide to Video Lighting []
4 Lighting Modifiers and the Effects You Can Expect From Them []
How to Make a Simple and Effective Flash Diffuser []
Lightning Photography Tips | Night Photography Tips []
Canon Speedlite Information/Comparison Chart []
Rogue Lighting Kits for Speedlights []
How to Paint a Ball of Light []
Flash Photography Tips and Tricks with Dust []
Soft Boxes []
A Quick Intro to How to Use a Light Meter []
Using Hard Light for Portrait Photography []
Edgy Sports Lighting Techniques in Portrait Photography []
Long Exposure Photography Tips | Night Photography Tips []
Useful Photography Tip #39: Use Your Sunglasses As an Improvised ND/Polarizer-Filter []
How to Use a Reflector for Better Outdoor Portraits []
Reader Question: How to buy an Off Camera Flash []
5 Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography []
Using HDR instead of Fill Flash to Deal with High Dynamic Range []
A Quick Guide to Light Metering for Photographers []
10 Reasons to Shoot Portraits During the Golden Hour (Illustrated) []
Window Light Photography Tips []
Don't Give Up In The Middle Of The Day | Tips For Shooting In Mid-Day Sun []
When Should You Use Gels and Softbox Grids? []
Flash Photography Tips for Beginners []
High Noon - Photography in the Midday Sun []
How to Use Canon Speedlights []
How and Why to Diffuse Your On Camera Flash []
Backlit Portrait Photography Tips []
Make a DIY Slide Projector Using an IKEA Lamp []
Tips From a Pro: Balance Flash Output With a Setting Sun []
Cheap DIY Fluorescent Lights for Beauty Photography []
Understanding Slow Sync Flash []
Reflector Primer - The Photographer's Best DIYed Friend []
How-to: Hiding Your Flash in Windows []
The One-Light Speed Portrait []
A Simple Lighting Technique for Couples Portraits []
A Ring Flash Lighting Tutorial Complete With Zombies and Soda []
Low Light Photography Tips Without a Flash []
Strobist: Hell Freezes Over, Gary Fong on Strobist []
An End-to-End Guide to Light Boxes for Product Photography []
Using Backlight in Nature Photography []
Stunning Portraits: Manipulating White Balance []
Shooting in the Twilight Zone []
Lighting Ratios to Make or Break Your Portrait []
How to Create Backlight or Hairlight Outdoors with Natural Light []
Using a White Wall as a Photo Background []
One Light Portraits: Simple Elegance []
Studio Lighting: Building a Light Set-up []
Sun Too Harsh? Modify It! []
Dragging the Shutter: Balancing Fill Flash With Ambient Light []
How to Use Sunset Light to Light Portraits []
The Basics of a One Light Setup: A Lighting Tutorial []
Low Light Photography Tips []
Lighting Diagram Creator Lets You Easily Save and Share your Light Setups Online []
How to Use a Sun Bouncer or Reflector for Action Sports Photography []
Incognito Flash Lamps: An Effective Lighting Solution for Low-Light Situations []
How to Create Elaborate Light Painting Photo Compositions []
Five Tips on How to Take Better Portraits in Natural Light []
The Photogenic SB2432: Best Speedlite Softbox Ever? []
Useful Photography Tip #24: Hacking the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible []
How to Properly Light a Black and White Photo Shoot []
How To Make Your Own Portable Studio Lighting Rig []
Professional Food Photography Lighting Tips []
How to Find the Perfect Portrait Lighting Using a Marble []
Studio Lighting - The Ghetto Studio []
Understanding the Golden Hour, Blue Hour, and Twilights []





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