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Gear and Reviews

These links contain information about various photography gear, cameras, lenses, flashes, etc., as well as some useful reviews.

Review: Yongnuo 560 EX II Flash []
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Studio Samples []
Beyond Snapshots - Taking your Fancy DSLR Off Auto and Photograph like a Pro []
Borrowing Lenses []
The Top 16 most outstanding lenses on the market []
Understanding your camera []
44 Essential Digital Camera Tips and Tricks []
Cambridge in Colour Tutorials []
Back Button Focusing []
Teleconverters and Autofocus - What Every Wildlife Photographer Should Know []
5 Essential Upgrades for the Modern Wedding Photographer []
DIY Ring Flash Assembly - a set on Flickr []
Quick and Forgotten Tips for 50mm Lens Users []
Article on 3-day speedlite brackets []
Using Filters for Night Time Photography []
What You Need to Know About UV Filter []
Concert Photography: Choosing the Best Camera Settings []
Photography Filters: Types and Uses []
7 Tips for Using Your Polarizer []
Quick Tip: Importing Multiple Memory Cards With Lightroom []
How CCD Sensors Work []
How to Properly Hold a DSLR Camera []
9 Things Photographers Need to Know About Memory Cards []
Canon Speedlite Information/Comparison Chart []
Is the "L" worth it: Comparison of Canon's 100mm F2.8 Macros []
Review: Tamron 60mm f/2 Macro for Nikon []
5 Killer Canon Lenses for Recording Video with Your DSLR []
The Care and Feeding of Your Tripod []
Soft Boxes []
5 Pieces of Equipment You Should Carry for any Photo Excursion []
Why your Kit Lens is Better than You Think []
Reader Question: How to buy an Off Camera Flash []
Extension Tubes: Close Up Photography Lesson #2 []
Neutral Density Filter Fireworks Photography []
Alternatives to Buying a Dedicated Macro Lens for your DSLR []
Screw in Close up (Macro) Lenses []
Review: Lowepro Event Messenger 150 []
The Guide to Telephoto Zoom Lenses for Non-Professionals []
Lens Filters | Camera Lens Filters Explained []
How to Choose a DSLR Camera, According to Science - 12 Factors to Consider []
How to Use Canon Speedlights []
12 Tips to Maintain a Camera []
This is Why You Shouldn't Buy a Cheap UV Filter for Your Lens []
Canon Offers On-Camera Tutorials That You Watch on Your DSLR Screen []
First Full 75mm f/1.8 review at SLRgear []
Should I Buy An f/2.8 or f/4.0 Lens? []
Long Term Review: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 L []
Long Term Review: Canon 24-105mm F4 L IS Lens []
Camera Test: Nikon D4 DSLR []
How Photographers Can Use a Prime Lens to Improve Their Technique []
Revisiting the Zone System - or How I Learned To Love My Light Meter Again []
Stop Whining About Your Equipment, Get Out There And Shoot! []
PocketWizard Plus III: One Trigger To Rule Them All []
Tripods and Monopods Guide []
How to Keep Your Memory Cards Healthy []
Quickly Toggle Ai Servo Focus on the Canon 5D Mark III []
Quick and Easy DIY Waterproof Cover for Lenses []
How to Use a Digital Camera with a Telescope []
Why Go Prime? The Benefits of a Fixed Focal Length []
The Photogenic SB2432: Best Speedlite Softbox Ever? []
Book Review: DIY Photography- Home Studio Photography []
11 Everyday Items That Belong in Your Camera Bag []
Testing Lens Autofocus and Correcting with MFA []
15 Must Have Photography Accessories Under $25 []
Don't Use SD Cards with your Canon 5D Mark III If You Care About Speed []
10 Tips on Keeping Your Photo Gear Cool During The Summer []
Review: The Lowepro CompuDay 250 Backpack []
Polarizer Filters: What They Are and When They Can Be Used in Photography []
Review: Canon 28mm f2.8 IS (Canon EF) []
Canon 60D DSLR Hacked to Capture HDR Video in Real Time []
How to Choose a Camera - A Comprehensive Guide []





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