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DIY Photography

Great resources for photographers interested in saving a buck and experiencing some hands-on learning.

How to make a Fluorescent Lighting Setup for less than $200 []
Studio Quality Product Photography With a $12 Set Up []
Home Studio: Cheap Mounted Softbox []
Create Your Own Bokeh []
Homemade Lightbox for Product Photography []
DIY Ring Flash Assembly - a set on Flickr []
DIY Backpack OctoDome for Lighting Solo Shoots []
Using Tape to Hang your Pictures Picture Perfect []
How to Make a Simple and Effective Flash Diffuser []
Use Your Hand as a Makeshift Grey Card for Estimating Exposure []
Quick Tip: Use Silica Gel to Protect Your Lenses From Fungi []
Useful Photography Tip #39: Use Your Sunglasses As an Improvised ND/Polarizer-Filter []
Find a $1 Macro Lens for Your Phone Inside a Cheap Laser Pointer []
A Homemade All-In-One Macro Rig for the Financially Challenged []
Make a DIY Rain Cover for Your DSLR Using a Ziploc Bag []
How to Make a Digital Camera []
Make a DIY Slide Projector Using an IKEA Lamp []
Make a DIY Bean Bag Stabilizer Using Old Jeans and Lentils []
Cheap DIY Fluorescent Lights for Beauty Photography []
Reflector Primer - The Photographer's Best DIYed Friend []
Create Great Light Painting Imagery Using Fireworks []
Your Own Personal Google Street View Camera Kit []
How to Make a 360 degree Analog Camera Hat []
How To Make DIY Photo Coasters []
Create a Giant Wall Clock Using Picture Frames []
Quick and Easy DIY Waterproof Cover for Lenses []
Book Review: DIY Photography- Home Studio Photography []
Make a DIY Tripod Mount for Your Phone Using Binder Clips []
How To Make Your Own Portable Studio Lighting Rig []
49 Awesome Photography Hacks, Mods, and DIY Projects []
Studio Lighting - Homemade Cheap Flash Diffuser (DIY) []
Studio Lighting - The Ghetto Studio []
How to Make a Mini Light Studio Using School Supplies []
A DIY Guide to Product Photography []





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